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NW MSK Imaging consists of seven Consultant musculoskeletal radiology specialists, based at Liverpool University Hospitals. This organisation includes one of the largest orthopaedic units in the country, having at least 28 orthopaedic consultants, and being the regional referral unit for Soft tissue Sarcoma, and Upper and Lower limb reconstruction. Our MSK imaging specialists have a wide range of experience and knowledge across a range of diagnostic fields.

Find our range of diagnostic imaging services and interventions, and make sure your patient gets the best possible care.

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Our MSK imaging specialists have the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of cases. Whichever imaging service you require, our team of specialists will provide an efficient and accurate diagnostic service for you and your patient.

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Our MSK imaging specialists are here to help.

Book your referral at one of these hospitals: Royal Liverpool Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital, Fairfield Hospital, Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Nuffield Hospital, or the Kenilworth Clinic.

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