Dry Needling or Barbotage






This technique uses ultrasound to guide the needle into an area of tendon abnormality (e.g. Achilles tendonitis) to disrupt abnormal tiny vessels and nerves around the chronically inflamed Achilles tendon, or into calcium deposition e.g. in rotator cuff calcific tendonitis. The needling causes targeted microtrauma and releases growth factors to stimulate the healing process as well as promote repair of the tendon. We use local anaesthetic to numb the region so this is usually well tolerated.

The treatment reduces inflammation and pain to allow you to accelerate your recovery with physiotherapy. Other conditions we can successfully treat with dry needling include plantar fasciitis, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow) and patellar tendinosis (jumper's knee). In Barbotage, the MSK Radiologist will try to aspirate the calcium if possible, then targeted needling of the calcific deposits will be performed as above.







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